About the Photographer

I think this may be kind of obvious, but I’ll say it anyway… I absolutely love koa bugs. 

riding a koa bug

I like to describe the first time I saw a koa bug in real life as the feeling some get when they see a celebrity walking down the street. I’ve only seen the koa bug in books and as a huge framed art print at work, so finally seeing one alive and doing its thing was AMAZING. Then we found a whole population of them and my mind kind of exploded. 

At any rate, this blog was created as a way to share my love of these little guys and give a glimpse into their lives, behavior and personalities (yep, personalities!). Though my background is in biology, please note that I am not an entomologist (I was a bird nerd ornithologist in college) and thus please excuse my not-so-technical insect terminology when describing many of my photographs.

I hope you will find these insects as wonderfully adorable,
endearing and fascinating as I do. Enjoy! 🙂

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